Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mission to Honduras 2012 " Through God's Heart"

The path is full of bumps in the road, the journey is long, the mountain is steep, the valley is dry, and the land is thirsty.  It is full of discomfort, pains in the stomach- like labor pains about to birth. The new beginning, a new path it will be joyous, all the pain forgotten.  It may seem small but it will be big.  The road less traveled will be muddy, I will carry you across the river to my cross set on a hill; you will kneel.  Although the land is foreign and the language is not familiar, I will show you a new way to communicate with the heart, with a language that is familiar my love.  See the common struggles man suffers, what seems cursed in blessed.  Don't judge the circumstance, I have a plan that you don't understand.  I will light your path in the dark.  You are my salt and light n the world set apart.  I will set you on top of the mountain, beckoning to those who will see.  A city on a hill, hear the angels sing, Alleluia. Glory to God!  I have made this place a Holy Ground that will yield good fruit from all around. 
Hear the cheers as you approach La Fuentes, the angels are singing in heaven.  You have arrived let the mission begin!  Blessed are the floors you are laying the foundation is stronger, blessed are the chimneys you make, the smoke will not choke the heart, blessed are the latrines you are providing relief and belief, no more grief. Blessed are the crafts the children made and the bible stories you tell- I will be hailed.  Blessed is the journey you take- I will teach your soul not to forsake.  I will teach you to stretch beyond your boundaries not just in miles but with smiles.  My love will abound on this ground!

This is what God revealed to me after the trip-Stacy

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